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LogicTrade description

LogicTrade is a version of an electronic shop specially developed for companies, willing to create its own distributed trade system. LogicTrade facilitates greatly job with trade outlets and suppliers. Company has only to install small server software on a remote computer and register its IP address in LogicTrade administrative system.

Just after this system will get an access to the list of goods of this supplier and, correspondingly, customer will have ability to buy these goods. The customer can choose items and determine a location of its supplier. After filling in his basket the customer can save the list of selected items in his personal profile in order to buy them later. If the customer is ready to purchase system enables him to make a choice of various means of payment (from payment by a credit card to cash payment in the case of home delivery). At once after purchasing (except the case of home delivery), the order with payment confirmation is sent by e-mail to the branch of the trading company or to the independent supplier (member of trade system), which is responsible for goods delivery to the customer.

Technology features

The system has a set of technological distinctions from existing trade systems.
Usage of data transfer protocol enables to do simultaneous accesses to the unlimited amount of data sources. The data sources can be RDBMS, XML files and simple systems files.

Server's part of program (PERL module) installed in data source, is the superstructure that enables to receive remote requests from the client (i.e. e-shop), retrieve data and transmit it to the client for representation.

The system cannot write to remote database, therefore the customer cannot damage supplier's system. Additional system flexibility is reached due to no necessity to modify supplier's database structure by enabling the server to tune to the respective database.

Demo version

LogicTrade demo version is a full-scale mechanism of e-shop.

It gives possibility to search the product along the distributed directories of products. Information about products is stored in two databases located on different servers. Query for search is taken by client, who forms distributed RPN query for remote servers, which in their turn carry out search in databases, containing information about products. Search results are returned to the client in XML format. Here IP address and server access port are also indicated, where specific record came from.

Demo version also enables to form purchases basket and save it to user's profile so that he can buy chosen goods later. If you are an unregistered user, you can register, using Registration reference and filling in a registration form. Fields marked with (*) are required for filling. Later on a user can modify the introduced information.

As this version is a demonstrative one, databases contain a limited quantity of goods. To spare your time, we advise you to use the following words for search (landscape, deposition, oil, wood, canves, rubens, weyden etc.), you also can use substrings of these words or even separate letters.

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